Find out what treatments we provide:

  • Myotherapy : Decreasing soft tissue pain and increasing your range of motion through assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Cupping : Cupping is a myofascial release that assists in loosening muscles and encouraging blood flow around the musculoskeletal system.

  • Dry Needling: Aims to reduce trigger points (also commonly known as Knots) by inserting a singe-use needle into your muscles. When the trigger point has been hit, you will feel a twitch or an ache sensation releasing and repairing your muscles/ pain.Dry Needling can also assist in muscle activation.

  • Trigger Point Therapy : A trigger point is a tight spot within a muscle, or ‘knot’ is the common complaint, that causes pain and tenderness. An active trigger point produces pain when at rest and/ or during movement and when compressed can recreate symptoms of your pain that you may be experiencing.

  • Pregnancy Massage : Helps assist a mother-to-be replenish her muscles whilst her body goes through pregnancy changes. Pregnancy Massage helps enhance muscle function, encourage blood flow and circulation and decreases mental and physical fatigue.

  • Sports Massage : A stimulatory massage that helps physical individuals and athletes prepare for high intensity activity. Sports Massage helps to prevent injury and encourage recovery before and/ or after physical activity.

  • Taping : Helps prevent injury and maintain range of motion. Taping is optimal for anyone with a sporting injury and an existing injury but needs the assistance for every day life or work.